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"A violinist with a sound technique.  His musicianship is acute and mature.  And, at its best, his playing shows a willingness to avoid the glamorously routine; as in employing different speeds of vibrato, or even no vibrato at all.  The expression gained thereby through range of inflection."  
--  Boston Globe


"A performance of potency and passion."  
--  The Strad


"Greening-Valenzuela's playing shone brightly."  
--  St. Louis Globe-Democrat


"Our attention was brought, during the entire performance, to the employment of the bow, and how the violinist molded and shaped each musical phrase."  
--  La Nacion, Costa Rica


"The Ysaye Sonata is an agglomeration of pyrotechnics which Greening-Valenzuela dispatched adroitly.  It was an obstacle course well-traversed on a hot night.  
--  Boston Globe


"His interpretation [of the Tchaikovsky Concerto] allowed for maximum flow of rich, full melody lines, with deft bowing and flying fingers giving forward movement to the complete concerto."  
--  Contra Costa Times


"One witnessed the soul of a great musician as he gave each phrase an amazing depth of feeling, pulling and pushing the bow into an impassioned expression of emotion."  
--  The Spectrum





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